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If you have a trouble light on your panel, please see below to understand what each light means.

LED Keypad, LCD Fixed-Message Keypad
To view a trouble condition, press [*][2]. The trouble light will flash. Refer to the chart below to determine the trouble condition(s) present.

Note: Some trouble conditions provide additional information (indicated with an * in the chart below). Press the number corresponding to the trouble condition to view the additional information.

Light [1]* Service Required - Press [1] for more information
Light [2] AC Trouble
Light [3] Telephone Line Trouble
Light [4] Failure to Communicate
Light [5]* Zone Fault - Press [5] for more information
Light [6]* Zone Tamper - Press [6] for more information
Light [7]* Wireless Device Low Battery - Press [7] for more information
Light [8] Loss of Time or Date

Trouble [8] - Loss of Clock or Date

Secondary Trouble Reason Troubleshooting
None The main panel internal clock is not set
To program the time and date:
  • Enter [*][6][MASTER CODE]
  • Press [1]
  • Enter the time and date (in military) using the following format:
For example:
6:00pm, June 29,2017
Enter:[18] [10] [06] [29] [17]

If any trouble lights are present, please call CEO and let our experienced technicians help you.

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