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Fiber Internet - Troubleshooting Help

On this page, you find a useful list on how to troubleshoot common issues with your internet. In most instances, following the instructions provided will resolve most network related issues.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to give our tech support team a call at 979-446-0054 Ext 1, Ext 1.



CEO Technologies uses only industry leading and vendor approved devices and equipment that have been lab tested by our Network Engineers in order to provide the best customer experience possible. If you ever have any questions on what types of devices we have installed, please refer to your original sales order for the service or you can also call our support team. Please see the information below that will you restore internet connection and also other common issues such as slow speeds. 

As always, if you need any assistance, please call our tech support team at 979-446-0054. 


I do not have an Internet connection

When diagnosing issues such as the issue of not having any internet connection, we always encourage you to start at the most basic of sources. For general steps on how to solve those issues, please follow the steps laid out below:

  1. Optical Network Unit (ONU) – This is the device that converts light to a usable internet signal. This device can be either an AdTran ONU or a Zhone ONU. Please ensure that this unit is turned on and is showing lights on the light panel. The lights on the AdTran and Zhone ONU’s should all be GREEN. If any other lights are shown as being red, please try power cycling the ONU by unplugging it from power, waiting 3 minutes, then plugging it back in.

**Please note, be careful with the ONU as there is a fiber cable that is running to the device. If you are not careful with that line, it could cause the line to break.

After 5 minutes, your ONU and router should be fully synced and internet should work. If that does not work, check the lights on the ONU. Reminder: All of the lights  on the ONU should be GREEN. If they are not,  please call our tech support team at 979-446-0054.

2. If the lights are green, then make sure that your router’s Internet light is lit up with the correct color (each brand varies on the light color). If everything is correct, re-test your connection hardlined or wirelessly to see if you can connect to the Internet. We always recommend trying to go to a basic website such as first.

If you are still having issues, please feel free to give our team a call to see if we can help you out further.

My Internet speeds are very slow

When diagnosing speed problems, it is always best to figure out how you obtained the result. The best way to determine if you are having speed issues is to hardline into the back of your router. This means physically connected your speed testing device to the back of your router.

We recommend this method to rule out any interference in your home network and it will tell you if there are any potential problems with internet service. We also recommend you use our speed testing service. That can be found by clicking this link:


If the speed test is in package speed ranges, we recommend power cycling the router first to see if this improves wireless speeds. If no, you might consider checking the signal levels of your wifi in each room. Sometimes moving the router to a more central location of your home gives you the best overall signal. If you need help, CEO offers this as a service for a cost as well. Please give our Tech Support team a call at 979-446-0054 to book your service request.


Other Fiber Questions

What is Fiber to the Home (FTTH) ?

This acronym stands for “Fiber-to-the-Home.” What this means is that a fiber line is brought into the residence all the way from our distribution points outside.

This installation strategy is different than what other Internet Service Providers (ISP) offer. Most ISP’s bring fiber to the end of the block but still depend on coax cable and existing infrastructure to provide internet inside your home.  Unfortunately, that method is still prone to interference issues and it not considered future proof. 

CEO Technologies offer true fiber-to-the-home and puts fiber capabilities directly into your home router which provides the best possible internet experience that technology has to offer.

With our installation strategy, you can get the fastest and most consistent speeds possible.

What is the best router to buy for my service?

There is no single best device for distributing WIFI, but certain protocols exist you want to look for when selecting your device. 

WiFi-Alliance, the leading organization of network technology companies, periodically releases new WiFi standards. The most standard is “AX” also known as “WiFI 6”. This organization simplified its naming connection from “AC” and “N” to “WIfI 5” and “WifI 4” respectively. If the devices you are looking at utilize these standards, you’ll be fine. 

The other technical specification you want to look for will be range. You want the device to distribute to locations youll use the WiFi the most. Sometimes distances are just too great for signals like these to make it, or interference will prevent signal as well.  

With all of that being said, we understand that not everyone has the time to configure your home solutions. If you want assistance with selecting your router or achieving enough coverage, don’t hesitate to contact us at (979) 446-0054 option 2.   

You can learn more about the WiFi-Alliance at 

Why isn't my fiber cable buried yet?

Generally speaking, the fiber line will be buried up to 10 business days after completion of your fiber install. If you would like an update, please give our team a call at 979-446-0054. 

Why are my wireless speeds slow?

Most speed issues that are experienced are a result of too many wireless devices on your home network or other obstructions in your network that cause a signal interruption. However, we recommend power cycling or turning the power off to your router and waiting about 3 minutes before turning it back on. Most of the time, this solves speed issues. 

If power cycling the router does not, you can also try testing speeds from each room in the house. Doing this sort of test can help determine if the issue has to do with the wireless range of the router and can help tell you if you need additional equipment to extend the range. It can also help identify potential interference issues in your home. In those cases, you could try moving the router to a more centralized location in the house. Of course, our tech team can be of assistance in helping you run cables and locating the best part of the house to maximize coverage. 

If you would like this service we offer, please give our support team a call to schedule this out.

**Please be aware, a service fee of $95/hr might accompany a tech visit for this service.