9/28 UPDATE: We have completed our fiber internet expansion into Diamond Leaf and have started on Persimmon Ridge! Contact us today to plan your internet service.


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500 Mbps Plan

Unlimited Data

Stream movies in 4k
Fast file transfers.

1 Gig Plan

Unlimited Data

Stream from multiple devices
Ultra low lag for high level gaming
Manage your smart home


2 Gig Plan

Unlimited Data

Upload large video files in seconds
Connect multiple devices at once
Livestream your gameplay in 8K
Build your home business


Why is CEO better?

CEO is a locally owned and operated internet service provider whose focus is on the quality of our infrastructure and people to provide the best customer experience for our subscribers.

CEO Technologies is Aggie owned and operated
Fiber internet doesn’t suffer from slow-downs during peak hours of use
Fiber optic internet uses light to transmit data faster than copper cable internet.
Fiber internet is much harder to hack since light signals can’t be intercepted as easily as electric signals
Fiber doesn’t deteriorate as fast as cable internet and won’t experience decreased performance after several years.

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